This is our family's home on the web. Check out the links to family photos and information. We live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with a pond full of koi and two dogs - a Pointer mix and a Pekalier.

Dana works for a commercial real estate firm and Gim is a research psychologist studying the evolution of hearing in animals. Mallory is an Anthropology major at a local university. Since moving to Florida, we've all discovered kayaking. It is a great way to spend time outdoors viewing the wildlife of Florida up close. We have seen numerous waterbirds, crustaceons and even an occasional manatee...not to mention the very cool bioluminescent dinoflagellates we've seen on night time kayak trips to Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge.

We keep this site so that family around the world can check in and see how we are all doing. Look around, send us a message, enjoy.